A Reporting Suite Tailored for Modern Data Teams

Modern data platforms increase dev team productivity and provide powerful native querying along with data structure flexibility.  Applications are delivered faster, but downstream data consumers across the enterprise do not enjoy the same modern data benefits. Their productivity gains are burdened by legacy BI and reporting tools which insist on SQL queries and tabular data.

Why use legacy SQL tools for NoSQL, NewSQL, graph, or even modern Distributed SQL databases with JSON smarts? Don’t lose your rich data investment! What’s that pain costing you every day? Instead, amplify your modern data ROI with a reporting suite purpose built for your modern data.

Uses Native
Database Queries

Handles Modern
Data Formats

Leverages Team
Member Skills

Improves BI Delivery
and Experience

Challenges with using Legacy
Tools with Modern Databases

Modern databases span numerous NoSQL databases, graph databases, and JSON aware “New SQL” ones. Attempting to use popular legacy tools built for SQL queries and tabular data results in a process that is:

Costly & Glitchy


Time Consuming

The richer your data structures, the more complex, error prone and costly it becomes to attempt SQL to access virtualized relational tables. The JSON capabilities of New SQL databases are completely lost as the data remains as simple text. Popular legacy SQL tools focus on summary visualization. This forces dev teams to manually code ongoing detailed analysis requests.

The Qarbine Solution

Qarbine complements summary visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, graph data notebooks, Neo4j's Bloom, and MongoDB Charts. Qarbine is focused on the detailed analysis, formatting, and presentation of the details behind those pretty pictures. Qarbine's many extension points even includes the embedding of graph data diagrams and MongoDB Charts for a much more informative and consolidated analysis.

Qarbine Features

  • 1 Embedded documents
  • 2 Embedded arrays
  • 3 Excel-like calculations
  • 4 Custom graphics and charts
  • 5 Business object functions
  • 6 Interactive elements

Native Querying and
Data Structures
Improve BI Quality

Qarbine uses native querying to access the full power of your database and more efficiently retrieve data. By not having to rely on the SQL centric BI Connectors you avoid complex and contorted SQL. Qarbine naturally processes complex data structures supported by the New SQL and NoSQL databases, including embedded and nested documents and arrays.

Teams Get
Work Done

Qarbine promotes team productivity by separating data retrieval from analysis and formatting. IT teams define optimized data retrieval components that end users simply reference in analysis templates. End users don’t learn query languages against your production systems! Dev teams are freed up from manual BI tasks or formatting reports. It’s a more effective approach to “self-service” BI.

Embedded BI Makes
Developers and End Users
More Productive

Rather than being a BI silo, Qarbine can be embedded into enterprise applications to provide much more natural and productive workflows across applications and Qarbine generated web pages. The result is a single, immersive application. Each area simply links to the other without any context switching or complex BI silo navigation.

Finally, Reuse
your Application
Objects for BI

Unlike legacy SQL tools, Qarbine is able to leverage an enterprise’s massive investment in web application code. That code has been designed and tested so, why not reuse it for BI too? BI is a lot more than displaying raw database values on the screen. This code reuse significantly amplifies the ROI on that code and for Qarbine itself.

What People Are Saying


~20% of MongoDB World attendees
seeing the Qarbine demo

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