An Integrate Analytics Suite for All Skill Sets

Qarbine supports tasks ranging from ad hoc and fill in the blank querying, all the way to a full featured template designer, and a shared catalog browser. It is a collaborative studio for modern data analytics and reporting.

General Tools

The workbench home page provides a convenient central location to navigate to other tools and see listings of both recent and favorite components.
The Administration tool is used by a Qarbine Administrator to configure and monitor the many aspects of a Qarbine deployment.
The Catalog Browser tool provides a Windows Explorer interface for browsing the catalog, searching for components, and running catalog realted reports.

Querying and Other Data Tools

The Data Source Designer is an ad hoc query authoring tool which also provides data schema information and other assistance. The resulting queries are saved in the catalog for collaborative skill sharing.

The Query by Example tool provides a fill in the blanks approach to authoring queries. The user does not need to be an query syntax export for the database being accessed. Qabine automatically generates a native query based on what is filled in.
The Report by Example tool is similar to Query by Example. It provides not just a fill in the blanks approach to authoring queries, but also options for formatting and specifying group breaks as well. Based on what is filled in Qarbine generates  a native query and also a Qarbine template.
The Data Set Viewer provides a way to review a saved list of objects. The objects could be from a query or even a local JSON file. A data set can be referenced in queries and in templates.

Analysis and Reporting Tools

The Template Designer combines the formula power of Excel with the formatting finesse of Word and the layout interactivity of PowerPoint. With over 450 Excel-like macro functions, it provides a comprehensive canvas for modern data analytics and presentation.
The Prompt Designer is used to author a prompt dialog in a no-code fashion to obtain runtime values. These values can be used in queries and templates to drive analysis activity. A wide variety of widgets are supported and widgets such as lists can even be populated by running Qarbine Data Source components.

The Report Runner is used to run existing template and view the result. All Qarbine accounts have access to this tool.

Report Result Viewer is used to view an existing analysis result. All Qarbine accounts have access to this tool.


Data Connection Wizard is used to quickly define how to access your data.

The Report Wizard provides a step by step guide for rapidly creating reports. The steps prompt for retrieval critiria and formatting in a similar fashion as Report by Example.

The available features may vary based on the Qarbine deployed edition and other factors.
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