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Developer Time, Teams, and Technologies

Developer time is a precious resource. Qarbine is the “modern data first” BI Suite that optimizes developer time, team skills, and business needs. Its detailed analysis complements summary visualizations tools like Tableau and MongoDB Charts. Qarbine promotes separation of data retrieval from data formatting. Developer authored query components are stored in a catalog for end users to then reuse for their self-service formatting and analysis goals.

Qarbine is purpose built to deliver the most productive BI environment for rich, NoSQL data. Its native MongoDB features help teams rapidly deliver information to end users.  The common use case is interactive data analysis. Unlike legacy SQL tools, Qarbine’s embedded features enhance applications by allowing workflows to intermingle between developer webpages and Qarbine generated web pages. Qarbine can even take advantage of developer written code.

Qarbine saves dev teams time addressing end user demands to deliver applications to get their work done.  End users require information in many forms and want to interact with it in diverse ways. Besides application pages, some end users want to perform custom formatting and analysis in a self-service manner- from web pages to spreadsheets. But end users are not query experts so either they fumble around accessing your production data with contorted SQL, the native query language of your modern database, or demand help from IT. Qarbine’s BI Catalog solves this skills pain point.

Reports which may have taken hours or days with legacy SQL tools, can now be done in minutes with Qarbine. It seamlessly handles the diverse, multi-dimensional, rich data found in modern applications. SQL’s tabular 2 dimensional data model is 40+ year old technical debt. Battling legacy SQL tools which force you to use JOINs and UNIONs when you have data stored in a ready to go, business natural form is insane!

Agile code development and cloud technologies are rapidly evolving to increase developer productivity and extract information value.  Your BI environment needs to leverage these as well. In contrast, most legacy SQL BI tools are silos of SQL centric functionality. Instead, Qarbine can integrate with the latest cloud services or your own internal services. Enterprise investments in rich data, code, and cloud services can now finally be leveraged for business intelligence.

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