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Ideal for:

Easily tour the product online
and understand how it fills your detailed reporting needs


Ideal for:

Supporting core BI needs and developing a highly functional reporting aware application using Qarbine’s embedded features


Ideal for:

Business teams delivering
modern data applications and supporting a variety of analyst
and end user requirements


Ideal for:

Distributed teams utilizing data workloads across various cloud technologies, popular tools, and modern databases

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What you get Core functionality Everything in sandbox, plus
Deployment Online AWS AMI into your own VPC
Drivers MongoDB API Configurable MongoDB API
Accounts Private folder for a single user Multiple user accounts and access levels
Features Access to core Qarbine reporting suite tools and features Access to all tools plus system administration features
Collaboration —  Shared team catalog
Formats HTML, various text formats PDF
3rd Party Tools
Custom cells* 5 5

* Custom cells provide a framework for content that goes well beyond formulas, formatted text and numbers.
Graphical cells, charts, buttons, checkboxes and other cells may be embedded within the analysis template.

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