Qarbine Related Events and News 2021| Online | July 13-14, 2021

See content here. 2020 | Online | June 10, 2020

 Watch the keynote here.

May 4-6, 2020

Qarbine will be at MongoDB World 2020

MongoDB.local | San Francisco | Jan. 22, 2020

Stop by for a chat about native MongoDB reporting. Click here for details.

MongoDB World 2019 | New York City | June 17-19

Unveiling of Qarbine’s native reporting suite for MongoDB

A gentle introduction to #DevOps, #InfrastructureAsCode, #cloud, @terraform and a discussion of benefits and things to think about when looking to adopt and implement a DevOps architecture. #developers #podcast

Tune in for our upcoming webinar on Dec. 10th for all things schema design. Learn how to structure your data, optimize your schema, explore best practices, and more.

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🗣️ MongoDB, Inc. announces third quarter 2021 financial results:

→ Total revenue of $227 million, up 50% YoY
→ Over 31,000 customers
→ Atlas revenue up 84% YoY

Ep. 93 Swyx - Learn in Public and Temporal

What do stock tickers, smartwatches, & connected cars have in common? 🏛️ ⌚🚗

📈 They all generate time-series data.

@janeuyvova explains how to select the right #database for your time-series data ↓

#Seattle @Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner ( @Bwagz) says #StatThat! 🏈👆📈 When it comes to bringing your A-game—or to data-driven performance with #NextGenStats for the youth in the @NFL.

There's still time to see the #reInvent Global Partner Summit keynote! ⌚️⏳ Watch it on-demand now. 🍿👀 👉

👥⚡️💪 #AWS loT TwinMaker allows you to integrate digital twins into web-based applications & create 3D visualizations so plant operators and maintenance engineers can optimize industrial operations, increase production, and improve equipment performance.

Building a model is a full-stack problem. 🏗🧩☁️ @nvidia’s Abhilash Somasamudramath explains how to do it faster with the NGC Catalog with #AWS. 🔗 #reInvent #Nvidia

This visualization will have you seeing double! 👥‼️👯‍♂️With AWS IoT TwinMaker, you can create a digital twin of real-world systems—and use your existing 3D models to generate immersive 3D visualizations.
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