Qarbine Edition Release History


Qarbine’s Modern Data Collaboration Suite ™ has many features to enhance modern data applications being delivered by forward leaning tech teams. Productivity Additions to Qarbine (PAQs) are released along with Qarbine editions to provide extended functionality for various Qarbine tools and components. See the interactive matrix for more release details. Send your suggestions to [email protected]!


Professional Release 1 – 1.0.44

    • Microsoft Azure

Database Integrations: 
    • MongoDB API (MongoDB, CosmosDB, SingleStore Kai, etc.)

    • Foundational release supporting native API querying and native document answer sets
    • 8 integrated tools for querying, defining analytic templates, dynamic user prompting, catalog management, administration and other tasks
    • Template Designer combines the formatting power of Microsoft Word, with Excel’s formula features, and PowerPoint’s layout interactions
    • 3 interactive query builders and
    • a no-code Prompt Designer to gather analytic runtime values


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